Thursday, April 30, 2009


UPDATE ~ Monday, April 27, 2009 we had the horrible decision to make by having Goldie put down.

She had lost all ability to support herself and seemed to be suffering. For friends who knew her and our love for her, we are filled with sorrow in our loss, and joyous in her new life.

We're sure we'll see her again. Goldie, WE LOVE YOU!
(We'll have more photos later!)


Anne said...


Anne said...

aren't you going to post about school being out and how much IT stuff you've got to do in all the schools this summer and you may never get a vacation.

oh, there, I just did it for you.

how are you?

RoyAndy said...

Wow, Goldie looks exactely like our Gracie did the last couple of months before we put her down. Weird, Gracie passed on exactly 1 year later on 4/27/10.
She was one of the family. I still think abouts her every couple days. Nothing like a great dog in a family. Please email me as I won't see this blog again as I just somehow stumbled on it.